aws certification specialty

AWS Certification Specialty

AWS Certification is a globally recognized standard for IT professionals. It validates an individual’s skills and knowledge in using Amazon Web Services products and services. There are three levels of AWS Certification – Associate, Professional, and Specialty.

The AWS Certified Specialty exam is designed for individuals who have advanced technical skills and experience in designing and implementing AWS solutions. To earn this certification, candidates must first pass the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional exam.

The AWS Certified Specialty exam covers a wide range of AWS products and services. It is a performance-based exam that tests a candidate’s ability to design and implement AWS solutions. The exam is divided into three sections: Design, Implementation, and Operation.

Candidates have four hours to complete the exam. The exam is administered in English. Candidates who pass the exam will earn the AWS Certified Specialty credential.

The AWS Certified Specialty credential is valid for three years. To maintain the credential, candidates must recertify every three years by passing the AWS Certified Specialty exam.


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