azure stack

Azure Stack is a cloud computing platform that allows users to create and manage cloud services with greater control and flexibility. It is a hybrid cloud solution that provides the benefits of both public and private clouds. Azure Stack is built on the same technologies as the Microsoft Azure public cloud and is compatible with Azure services.

Azure Stack includes all the features of Azure, including the Azure Portal, Azure Resource Manager, Azure Storage, Azure Networking, Azure Compute, and Azure App Service. It also provides additional features and services that are specific to Azure Stack, such as Azure Stack Hub and Azure Stack Edge.

Azure Stack is a flexible and cost-effective solution for organizations that want to use Azure services in a private or hybrid cloud environment. It is available in two editions: Azure Stack Development Kit and Azure Stack integrated systems.

Azure Stack Development Kit is a free and open-source version of Azure Stack that can be deployed on a single server for development and testing purposes. Azure Stack integrated systems are commercial versions of Azure Stack that are available in three sizes: Basic, Standard, and Premium.

Azure Stack pricing is based on the edition, size, and term of the Azure Stack deployment. Azure Stack Development Kit is free of charge. Azure Stack integrated systems are available with monthly or yearly subscription plans.


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