azure stream analytics

Azure stream analytics is a cloud-based big data processing service provided by Microsoft. It is used to process high throughput data streams in real time. Stream analytics can handle events from devices, sensors, applications, websites and social media in real time.


– Azure stream analytics can process millions of events per second with low latency.

– It can be used to detect patterns and anomalies in data streams.

– Stream analytics can be used to generate alerts or take actions in real time.

– It integrates with other Azure services such as Azure Functions, Azure IoT Hub and Azure Cosmos DB.


– Azure stream analytics is a cost-effective way to process big data in real time.

– It is easy to set up and use.

– Stream analytics can be scaled up or down as needed.


Azure stream analytics is priced based on the number of events processed per second. Prices start at $0.02 per million events for the first million events processed per second.

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