Google Cloud Private Catalog

Google Cloud Private Catalog is a fully managed catalog of approved cloud services that enables your organization to centrally manage cloud resources while giving users the flexibility to quickly discover and access the resources they need. It offers the following benefits:

-Helps you centralize control over approved cloud services: You can use Cloud Private Catalog to centrally manage all the approved cloud services in your organization. This enables you to control which services are available to your users, and track and manage usage.

-Enables users to quickly find and access the resources they need: Users can search for approved services using the Cloud Private Catalog web console or API. They can also access services directly from the Google Cloud Platform Console.

-Makes it easy to add new services: You can use the Cloud Private Catalog web console or API to add new services to the catalog. You can also import services from a CSV file.

-Is flexible and scalable: Cloud Private Catalog is designed to work with any size organization, from a single team to a large enterprise. It can also be easily scaled as your organization grows.

Pricing for Cloud Private Catalog is based on the number of services in the catalog, and starts at $0.01 per service per month.

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