Kasten Kubernetes backup architecture

Kasten’s Kubernetes backup architecture is designed to protect your valuable data and improve your organization’s disaster recovery capabilities. Kasten’s unique approach to backup and disaster recovery for Kubernetes provides the utmost in data protection while minimizing recovery time and maximizing flexibility.

Features and functions:
Kubernetes backup architecture provides comprehensive protection for your data with a unique, incremental backup approach that captures all data changes at the application level. This means that you can restore your data to any point in time, with zero data loss.

In addition, Kasten’s Kubernetes backup architecture provides the following features and benefits:

-Improved disaster recovery capabilities: With Kasten’s Kubernetes backup architecture, you can quickly and easily recover from disasters, with minimal data loss.

-Flexible backup and restore options: You can choose to backup and restore your data to and from any location, including on-premises, in the cloud, or hybrid environments.

-Efficient storage utilization: Kasten’s Kubernetes backup architecture optimizes storage utilization, so you can minimize your storage costs.

-Multi-cluster support: Kasten’s Kubernetes backup architecture supports multiple Kubernetes clusters, so you can protect your data across multiple environments.

Kasten’s Kubernetes backup architecture is available at a variety of price points, depending on your needs. Contact Kasten for a custom quote.

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