Kubernetes CRI-O

CRI-O is a lightweight container runtime for Kubernetes. It is built on runC, which is a widely used container runtime. CRI-O is designed to be used as a drop-in replacement for the existing container runtime used by Kubernetes.

CRI-O is used to launch containers on Kubernetes. CRI-O is responsible for fetching containers from a container registry, setting up the container environment, executing the container process, and monitoring the running container.

CRI-O offers the following features:

– Support for multiple container runtimes: CRI-O can be configured to use any OCI-compliant container runtime as the underlying runtime for containers. This includes runC, which is the default runtime used by CRI-O.

– Support for multiple image formats: CRI-O can be configured to use any OCI-compliant image format. This includes the Docker image format.

– Support for SELinux: CRI-O can be configured to use SELinux for security containment of containers.

– Support for user namespaces: CRI-O can be configured to use user namespaces to separate containers from one another and from the host system.

– Support for GPU passthrough: CRI-O can be configured to use GPU passthrough to allow containers to use GPUs for computation.

CRI-O is available as a binary release for Linux platforms. CRI-O is also available as a container image.

The CRI-O project is hosted on GitHub.

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