Kubernetes storage

Kubernetes storage is a powerful and versatile storage solution for your containerized applications. It is designed to provide high availability and performance while being easy to use and scalable. With Kubernetes storage, you can have your containers and data stored in the same cluster, making it easy to manage and scale your application.

Kubernetes storage is available in two editions: Standard and Enterprise. Standard edition is ideal for development and testing, while Enterprise edition is designed for production environments. Both editions come with a wide range of features, including:

– Support for multiple container runtimes, including Docker and rkt
– Scale-out storage using any S3-compatible storage provider
– Integrated storage management with automatic provisioning and monitoring
– Flexible storage configuration with per-node and per-container settings
– Automatic data replication and failover
– And more!

Kubernetes storage is priced according to your usage, with a monthly subscription starting at $0.01 per GB. Contact us today to learn more about Kubernetes storage and how it can benefit your business.

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