Oracle cloud computing services

As the world’s largest enterprise software company, Oracle provides a comprehensive and fully integrated stack of cloud applications and platform services. Oracle offers a variety of cloud computing services, including public, private, and hybrid cloud options. With Oracle cloud computing services, businesses can take advantage of the flexibility, scalability, and cost-savings of the cloud.

Oracle’s public cloud services are delivered through a network of global data centers. These data centers are designed to provide high availability and performance, and they are backed by Oracle’s world-class support and service levels. Oracle’s public cloud services include Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, which provides compute, storage, and networking services; Oracle Cloud Platform, which provides a comprehensive set of cloud services for developing, deploying, and managing applications; and Oracle Cloud Applications, which are a complete suite of cloud-based applications, including Customer Experience, Human Capital Management, and Supply Chain Management.

Oracle’s private cloud services are delivered through Oracle Cloud Machine, a fully integrated hardware and software stack that is purpose-built for the cloud. Oracle Cloud Machine includes Oracle’s industry-leading database, middleware, and applications, and it is available in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet the needs of any business.

Oracle’s hybrid cloud services allow businesses to run their workloads in the public cloud, the private cloud, or a combination of both. With Oracle hybrid cloud services, businesses can take advantage of the best of both worlds—the flexibility and scalability of the public cloud, and the security and control of the private cloud.

Oracle’s cloud computing services are priced on a pay-as-you-go basis, so you only pay for the resources you use. Oracle also offers a variety of discounts and promotions, which can help you save even more on your cloud computing costs.

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