Oracle cloud services for security

As your business grows, so do your IT needs. You need an infrastructure that can handle more users, more data, and more demand—but you don’t want the complexity and cost of on-premises hardware. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is designed for just this purpose: to run enterprise workloads in the cloud. And because Oracle Cloud is built on the same industry-leading infrastructure that Oracle uses internally, you get the added security of running your most critical applications on the same platform as Oracle.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides a complete, integrated set of services to help you build, deploy, and scale your applications in the cloud. These services include compute, storage, networking, database, and security. And because Oracle Cloud is engineered to work together, you can get more out of each service and build a more efficient, more resilient, and more secure infrastructure.

In addition to the services themselves, Oracle Cloud also provides a number of features and tools to help you manage and secure your infrastructure. For example, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Identity and Access Management (IAM) lets you control who has access to what, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Resource Manager lets you automate the provisioning and management of your infrastructure resources.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is designed for security from the ground up. The physical infrastructure is designed and built to meet the highest security standards, and all data in transit is encrypted. Oracle also offers a number of additional security features, such as Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Vault, which provides a centralized way to manage and rotate your secrets, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Web Application Firewall, which protects your applications from attacks.

If you’re looking for a secure, scalable, and resilient infrastructure to run your enterprise workloads, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is a great option.

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