Server backup compression

Server backup compression is a great way to save space on your server. By compressing your backups, you can save a lot of disk space, which can be very important for servers with limited storage. Additionally, compressed backups can be transferred more quickly and easily, which can be helpful if you need to move them off-site.

There are many different backup compression products on the market, but we recommend two in particular: BackupAssist and Veeam. Both products have a wide range of features and are very reasonably priced.

BackupAssist is a great choice for small to medium businesses. It offers numerous features, including compression, encryption, and deduplication. Additionally, it can be configured to send backups to a variety of different destinations, including local drives, network shares, and cloud storage. Prices start at $29 for a single server license.

Veeam is a great choice for larger businesses. It offers many of the same features as BackupAssist, but with some additional functionality, such as the ability to replicate backups to another site. Prices start at $499 for a Veeam Availability Suite Standard license, which includes 1 server plus 10 CPU sockets.

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