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As a leading provider of cloud-based IT resiliency solutions, Zerto helps customers accelerate IT transformation by simplifying the protection and recovery of virtualized applications and data. By partnering with Zerto, organizations can confidently move to the cloud, knowing their critical applications and data will be protected and always available.

Zerto’s award-winning platform is simple to use, yet provides comprehensive protection for all virtualized applications and data with minimal impact to production environments. It is purpose-built for virtualized environments, leveraging the hypervisor to protect applications and data with image-based, application-consistent snapshots.

Organizations can use Zerto to recover individual files, VM’s or entire data centers – all from a single platform. It is this flexibility and simplicity that has made Zerto the choice of leading cloud providers, such as AWS, Azure, IBM, Equinix and many others.

Zerto’s platform is available in two editions:

Zerto Virtual Replication: purpose-built for small to mid-sized organizations looking to protect up to 500 VM’s.
Zerto IT Resilience Platform: designed for enterprise organizations with large and complex IT environments.

Pricing for Zerto’s platform is subscription-based, and determined by the number of VM’s being protected.

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