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As organizations continue to face IT challenges, Zerto has emerged as a leading provider of IT Resilience solutions. Zerto’s software platform delivers continuous availability and disaster recovery for virtualized applications and workloads. With Zerto, businesses can protect themselves from data loss and downtime, while minimizing the risk and cost of IT disruptions.

Zerto offers a comprehensive set of features and functions, including:

-Application-aware processing: Zerto captures all writes to a protected VM, ensuring that all application data is protected and can be recovered in the event of a failure.

-Crash-consistent recovery: Zerto takes snapshots of protected VMs at regular intervals, providing recovery points in the event of a failure.

-Journal-based change tracking: Zerto continuously tracks changes made to protected VMs, allowing for granular recovery in the event of a failure.

-Near-synchronous replication: Zerto replicates data to a secondary site in near-real-time, ensuring that data is always available in the event of a failure.

-Multi-site recovery: Zerto supports the recovery of VMs to multiple sites, allowing for failover and failback in the event of a disaster.

-Scalable architecture: Zerto scales horizontally, allowing organizations to protect more VMs with a single appliance.

Zerto’s software is available in three editions: Standard, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus. Pricing is based on the number of protected VMs, with discounts available for volume licensing.

Zerto’s comprehensive set of features and functions, along with its flexible pricing, make it a leading solution for IT Resilience.

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