The option to safeguard Kubernetes workloads was recently added to IBM Spectrum Protect Plus (SPP). This solution can be used by businesses of all sizes, including service providers, to safeguard all current settings, including virtualized infrastructures.

SPP uses Kubernetes orchestration features to assign resources for backup jobs and provides a native Kubernetes CLI. The product’s present focus is on Red Hat OpenShift, but it will soon provide support for a wider range of Kubernetes distributions. SPP uses Red Hat OpenShift APIs for data protection (OADP) based on Velero open source technology in this regard, and IBM directly interfaces with Velero for other Kubernetes deployments, ensuring an uniform user experience across distributions.

As a CRD operator, the SPP component for Kubernetes is deployed. Administrators and developers may quickly explore the Kubernetes inventory and choose which applications to protect manually. Future releases will provide comprehensive and automated discovery tools. IBM is working on techniques to maintain off-the-shelf application consistency for its IBM Cloud Paks, common databases, and custom apps.

IBM SPP offers a variety of licensing options, including perpetual licenses and subscriptions based on terabytes of protected persistent storage. The product is currently accessible in the AWS and Red Hat markets, and will be available in other public clouds soon. SSP now only supports on-premises clusters, with multi-cloud functionality coming later this year.

Challenges: While SPP has promise and a solid roadmap for future product releases, it currently has some limitations in complicated Kubernetes setups.