Veritas (NetBackup)

Veritas is a well-known name in the data security business. Support for Kubernetes has been added to current NetBackup releases.

Kubernetes support in NetBackup is an add-on to the main NetBackup product and requires a full NetBackup installation. An Operator deploys Kubernetes-specific components to each cluster, as well as Velero for CSI functionality and metadata access. NetBackup does not have a SaaS version.

NetBackup now only supports backing up entire namespaces, with labels allowing for more granular selection in the future. Currently, there is no application autodetection.

Backup jobs are governed by policies. While NetBackup is capable of much more than simply containers, there is currently no logical way to describe an application that spans an RDS database, a container, and a file share.

However, as part of its CloudPoint product set, which is integrated into NetBackup and accessible from the same UI as its Kubernetes data protection, NetBackup allows generating backups of Amazon RDS.

Currently, Red Hat OpenShift, Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), and VMware Tanzu are supported by the product. Multiple clusters can be protected using the console. However, heterogeneous restores are not yet enabled, which means that migrations between different distributions, such as from on-premises to the cloud, are not possible. There are no built-in disaster recovery workflows.

Only S3-compatible storage is presently supported as a backup target. NetBackup supports a variety of non-Kubernetes backup targets, and it plans to provide Kubernetes data protection functionality in 2022. Object Lock feature is currently supported.

Operational security is what you’d expect from a mature system, and it includes things like multifactor authentication, encryption in transit and at rest, and role-based access control across the entire product, not just Kubernetes. Anomaly detection is a feature of ransomware.

While there is no dedicated Kubernetes support at the edge, Veritas does provide a physical backup appliance designed for edge use scenarios.

Strengths: Because NetBackup protects more than just containers, it’s a solid choice for safeguarding Kubernetes-based apps if you currently use it. It supports a wide range of cloud databases, virtual machines, and other features. It has mature operational security measures in place, such as role-based access control and multi-factor authentication (MFA).

NetBackup’s Kubernetes support is still in its early stages. Its path is promising, but it will take some time to materialize.